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The Introduction

LOS ANGELES — It’s 2012, or so the calendar tells me, and we’re still here; take that, Mayans – and with that I decided it was time to enter the modern realm and get myself a world wide web home of my own. Hence, here I am and (hopefully) here you are. My new digital domicile.

I’ve had a few different sites in the past (MySpace, PodBean and Tumblr to name a few) but now this is going to be the only location for my original content. From sports columns and takes, pop culture observations and rants, podcasts, film reviews, videos, pictures, interviews with buddies and whatever else I can create, you can find here.

Additionally, I’m toying with the idea of re-posting some of my favorite past works to give you all taste of my style and what you might be able to expect here, so stand by and I’ll be sure to let you all know when those go up.

In the meantime, please, check back often. Tell your friends. Tweet about it. Facebook it. Whatever. Hit me up and get involved.

And, above all else, let’s have some fun.