Verbal Morality Statute

The Friday Morning Podcast — Episode 1
SAN ANGELES — This is the first episode of my new weekly podcast with Michael Berger titled “Verbal Morality Statue,” which we’ve clearly lifted from the smash 1993 futuristic hit starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, Demolition Man. The plan is to post every Friday morning, hence you’ll also hear me refer to the show as “The Friday Morning Podcast,” and we’ll recap the week that was in pop culture, sports, news, TV and whatever else came about. They’ll run roughly 45 minutes, but will be fast-moving, and … fun? Yes, let’s go with fun.

This week we hit on my new obsession with Arthur, the current villain of “Jeopardy,” Jimmy Fallon’s first two weeks as host of “Late Night,” “True Detective” and “Game Of Thrones,” the death of comedic icon Harold Ramis, Spring Training and this weekend’s Academy Awards.

Thanks for listening, and spread the word!

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