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Chris Brockman is the product of a military family and ’80s cartoons. Ask him what his most valuable possession is, and he’d tell you his sports card collection, which hasn’t had any new additions since 1995. Currently, he’s the Television Producer of The Rich Eisen Podcast on NFL Network, where he makes appearances on both the television and audio programs. Brockman was also the 2009 Maine Press Association Sports Columnist of the Year for his work at the Journal Tribune, where he served as Sports Editor for two years and Reporter/Photographer for three. A life-long sports fan, Brockman is also an enthusiast of cinema, popular culture, non-fiction and people watching. He was a runner-up in the Cub Scouts Soapbox Derby twice. He also Tweets a lot, so he apologizes in advance for angry postings about the Red Sox or bad officiating in the Celtics game clogging your timeline.

  1. You Da Man!!!

  2. HI Chris,

    I’m a Boston-area lifer who until last year had never contemplated running anywhere close to 26.2 miles consecutively. However, after what transpired at last year’s marathon (287 days ago), I’ve since changed my mind. I’m running this year in support of the Greg Hill Foundation, which has raised over $385,000 for the victims of last year’s bombings to help pay for medical costs, housing, funerals, counseling, and continued rehabilitation. Given your strong roots to the city, I was hoping you’d consider retweeting a youtube video that I posted to raise awareness about my marathon run. I promise you that I put a lot of work into it, and I think it’s pretty good…

    Link: http://youtu.be/11-OMiR6UzY
    Twitter: @TravisKennison

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Your loyal podcast listener,
    Travis Kennison

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