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February 26, 2015 — Post-ROFFL Championship

LOS ANGELES — The 13th ROFFL season has come and gone. The confetti has fallen. Another champion crowned. Only the man wearing the jewelry has been on that podium before. His ring size is known. His parade route well mapped out. Jay Cantor overcame a .500 start and a controversial trade to steamroll his way through the postseason en route to his third championship. Jay is the Tom Brady of this league; the most handsome and owner of the most hardware. His greatness is undisputed. His skills unmatched. The Gregg Moore Trophy knows his home well. Jay joined me for a year-end recap podcast and talked about his slow start and the trade that changed it all, some the league’s controversial offseason issues and a few Oscars thoughts at the end. Thanks to him, and thanks to you guys for checking this out. I’m guessing I’ll throw up a few more this offseason since it’ll be a long six months before we meet for the 2015 season’s draft. Enjoy.

July 31, 2014 — 22 Days Until ROFFL Draft

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LOS ANGELES — We are a mere three weeks until fantasy football teams will be drafted in The Emerald City. Fantasy football teams which will decide our happiness for the next five months; players with whom we have no connection affecting our very well being. Pretty jacked up concept, don’t you think? But we do it to ourselves. We put this potential agony on our shoulders. We eat with it, we breathe with it, we sleep with it. We take it to work, bring it home to our wives and girlfriends, well not me, but you guys do, and then we wake up and do it all again. Slogging over waiver wires and game logs and stat sheets and websites we can’t even pronounce that might help us gain and edge over our fellow ROFFLers. We’re all after that prize. The Holy Grail. The Gregg Moore Trophy. Eight men have touched it. Lived with it. And had it in their grasp for a season for glory. Six of us are still scratching and clawing, dying a little on the inside with each passing season she isn’t ours. Will this be our year? Will it ever be our year?

A two-time champion joined me on The Crossover this week to talk ROFFL shop. Jay Cantor and I try and predict everyone’s keepers, break down the Top 6 and come to a conclusion on who the most dominant owners of the last few years have been. It’s a fast-paced, informative and fun hour conversation with a man who loves himself almost as much as we love him. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

JULY 21, 2014 — 32 Days Until ROFFL Draft

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MOHAVE DESERT — Since we last left the Retired Orangemen Fantasy Football League, Rich Kiss became the latest owner of the Gregg Moore Trophy thanks to the heroic defensive efforts of one Navarro Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers. The second Bowman crossed the goal line, Kiss joined the exclusive Two-Time Club, a distinguished honor that bestows now four men among our brood.

Currently, we’re just 32 days until another fantastic season is upon us, as the congregation migrates to the Pacific Northwest to Seattle, Washington and the home of Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Seattle Seahawks for another ROFFL Draft. To whet the collective appetite that has been yearning for talk of this nature since Kiss’s coronation, Parker and Marc, who was in Los Angeles for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, joined me on the road to Las Vegas, Nevada for an impromptu episode of The Crossover – ROFFL Edition. It’s the most unpredictable show I’ve ever done, to say the least. We touch upon said awards, the state of the league, what to expect this season and much, much more. However, it’s done in two halves; pre- and post-Las Vegas. You’ll see once you listen, but, as the picture indicates, there was also a little hiccup along the way. So sit back at your desk or on the train or wherever you might be and enjoy the adventurous ride, quite literally even, as the countdown to another season officially begins.


photo (2)

LOS ANGELES — Well here we are, boys. Another Retired Orangemen Fantasy Football League season in the books. One for the ages, some might even say. Who could have predicted back in August when we were all crammed into the Warehouse at Camden Yards trying to figure out the wifi password and exactly how many crabs we were going to eat later that night that the two teams standing would be Nomads in the Deep and Born to Run My Mouth, a couple of former champions duking it out for the right to be the 2013 king of our fantasy world. It’s been a wild year with injuries, upsets and the greatest GroupMe in the history of iPhone apps. We had Scott dazzle us with his playoff sabermetrics, Brian’s epic Random Thoughts return, and I had a few outstanding conversations with some even better owners.

So to cap this craziness and breakdown this heavyweight battle, I dialed up another two-time champion and you don’t wanna miss it. Parker fills us in on what he’s been up to out here in Hollywood and we attempt to drum up some interest in our mid-February Syracuse trip. There’s probably also a few other topics of discussion that make no sense, but what would you expect when Parker and I have a hot mic for 45 minutes?

Thanks for an awesome season, everyone, and best of luck to Navid and Rich. Truly the two best teams of this ROFFL season.

OCT. 29, 2013 — PRE-WEEK 9


LOS ANGELES — It’s hard to believe there’s only four weeks of the ROFFL regular season remaining. For some (cough, me, cough) the end can’t  come soon enough. This has been a forgettable campaign that really began when my First Round draft choice and maybe before that with my decision to keep Maurice Jones-Drew. Sure, I’ve finished 13th twice before but never can I remember just having literally no hope each Sunday. Seeing Navid, Parker and Dave, in a way, run like Usain Bolt away from the rest of the league has been something. And the dumb bad luck Josh has endured on a weekly basis is almost enough to make you overlook that he obnoxiously posts is entire life online (though GREAT pics from the World Series this week) for mass consumption. VA’s squad has been decimated by injuries and on and on.

It’s just been one of those years, like I said, where week-to-week you just don’t know what’s going to happen; other than Jacksonville and Jay Cantor losing. Who would’ve thought Andy Dalton and Marvin Jones would combine for one of the best QB/WR scoring totals in league history? (Seriously, Marc, check on that, since I think Brady/Moss had a similar day back in 2007.) And there’s what Calvin Johnson did against the Cowboys. Good lordy; heard a state where Christian Ponder has only THROWN for 300 yards in his career TWICE, which means BigPlayCJ is only one away from tying that. Just imagine if Scott had doubled up and drafted Matthew Stafford, who was available when he instead selected his hometown QB My Good Friend Robert.

What ifs. Question Marks. Four weeks to go. I talk about all this ROFFL goodness with my guest this week, the original Two-Time, and the man currently in first place, Mr. Seven and One, Navid Sadri.

Enjoy. Thanks for listening. And good luck to all this week.

OCT. 22, 2013 — PRE-WEEK 8

LOS ANGELES — The crazy 2013 NFL season has carried over into the 12th ROFFL campaign with your guess as to what’s going to happen week-to-week being as good as mine, the bum on 38th street or one of the ROFFL children, most of whom can’t even stand upright. Think about what doesn’t make sense in this league at the given moment: Peyton Manning is the leading point-getter by 75 points, in third is Philip Rivers (180.83) who has started exactly ONE game for Marc and Tom Brady is the 17th best QB. Seventeenth! His old pass-catching mate, Wes Welker, who wasn’t kept this year, is your leading receiver and has 8 touchdowns in just seven games (he had just 6 a year ago) and three of your top seven running backs are Knowshon Moreno, Fred Jackson and Danny Woodhead. Seriously, and I quote Vince Lombardi when I say this, what the hell is going on around here?!

So to help me sort this all out as we enter Week 8 in the ROFFL and the National Football League, I brought in a former champion and father of two (somehow that makes him more qualified, I think). It’s possible we both left this conversation more confused about the state of our league and what’s happening in it, but you’ll definitely be all the wiser.

Enjoy, and good luck this week.

SEPT. 24, 2013 — PRE-WEEK 4

LOS ANGELES — A wise man once told Parker Deay, who then told me, it’s better to start the fantasy football season 0-3 than end the season 0-3. He’s not wrong, but beginning the year winless is painful, gut-wrenching and makes you question every decision you’ve ever made on a website dedicated to fake football. It’s where I find myself right now. With no running backs worth the material their jerseys are made of and receivers barely sniffing the starting lineup, I’ve sunken to 13th place. The doormat of the Toilet Bowl. The only saving grace, I’ve been in this position before, in 2011, when I began the year 0-4 and then reached the championship game.

So there’s hope. Barely. But there’s hope. It’s hope my guest is clinging to as well, as we gripe about our teams right now, who’s killing it, who’s surprised us, and who we think has the best shot at title moving forward.

Can’t believe we’re already at Week 4! Best of luck to everyone and thanks for listening!

SEPT. 2, 2013 — PRE-WEEK 1scottROFFLdraft2013

LOS ANGELES — All hail the return of The Crossover! The podcast that changed the game. OK, not really, but I did have a podcast before Simmons, Carolla, Maron and all the rest of them. Way back in 2008, I started a podcast and dedicated it solely to my fantasy football league. I called it the Brockast, and then called it the Retired Orangemen Fantasy Football League Podcast. Very wordy, I know. Two years ago, I changed it to The Crossover (well before that NBC Sports show). Periodically recording has been my cup of tea of late, but this season I’m back with exclusive ROFFL content throughout the 2013 NFL and fantasy football season.

First up, the defending ROFFL Champion, Scott Watson, from his apartment in New York City. Always have to start off a new season with the champ. We lay down some wax on his 2012 title run, remember the good old days of Atlantic City hotel room and autodraft before we get into this past Draft Weekend in Baltimore with winners and losers from a couple weeks ago. We make predictions, Scott gushes about his love for Robert Griffin and wonder how accruate Yahoo!’s draft grades really are.

It’s an awesome 45-minute conversation with a fantastic ROFFL owner; hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for listening and good luck in Week 1!

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